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November 02, 2006


Ilene, welcome! I'm so glad to read your by-line here at Book Buds. I've enjoyed keeping up with Charlotte's progress at your blog. She's a real sweetheart.

Susan, Thanks for your welcome. And, for reading about Charlotte.
I'm really glad to be here.

Ilene - I'm so glad to find you on the first website I clicked on when I did a search for you!! You look exactly the same as when we were kids!! I'm so happy to see your face! I'd love to hear from you and see how you're doing. I hope it's ok to post this message for you - I haven't known where you are for over 25 years! My email is slforeman (at) comcast (dot) net
Susan (Cummings) Foreman


I emailed your info to Ilene, but in the meantime I altered the format of your email address so you won't get spammed (spam-bots trawl blogs looking for fresh victims).

Ilene usually blogs at Charlotte's Journey Home:


Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure Ilene'll be excited to hear from you!

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