There's a SmartLink box in the list for Dooley Takes the Fall (just above Jellico Road). Is this book supposed to be on the list of finalists?


No, just an oversight when I loaded up all the titles and then deleted those that weren't on the list. I'll delete it now. Thanks for spotting that!


Ha ha. Dooley's still trying.

Jill (The Well-Read Child)

Yay! I loved Sweethearts and can't wait to take a look at all of the other finalists!


I have to say that I'm not quite sold on all the fuss over The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks. I thought it was o.k. I didn't find that it lived up to all the hype.

I did however, LOVE Sweethearts. Have heard good things about I Know It's Over and am looking forward to reading more about the other finalists!

Lisa May

I haven't read a single one of these! I better start trying to hunt some down :)


The best books that i have read are House of night novels which may be a little graphic for some of you. Percy and the Olympian gods which is a great book, one i highly recommend for those of you magic/mythology lovers. Twilight even though a bunch of people killed the series because they got "addicted" and way to, omg Twilight!. Ella enchanted is also an awesome book.The writer has a series. Even though the story's are different there all very, very good in there own way.


Hi I liked your note, add your site to your bookmarks.

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