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Tuesday, July 06, 2004


For readers who are not eating twinkies but who have one or more symptoms of elevated sugar, hypertention, fats, they might be interested in reading by Dr. Gerald Reaven, for a scientific explanation. On a personal level the information translates as follows:
I ate a low fat menu for years, ate cooked oatmeal and high fiber cereals (portion sized) and was surprised to learn my trigylcerides and sugar were out of wack. Obviously I was not on the best eating plan for me. I started eating far less carbs (only vegtables and limited fruit), is through fresh produce. I am currently eating more fat through nuts, seeds, olives, fish. Since I have only been doing this for a few months, I do not know if the proper adjustments will be made but as soon as I stopped eating cereal, rice, bread, I started feeling better and also started losing pounds. I know this has to do with being insulin resistant. My overview of what I should eat (may need to adjust over time), is to eat the way of my early ancestors) who ate primarily off the land, were physically active and who did not have processed food. I've read four or more books on the subject; each made their own points. I will check this website in the future to read other comments.

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