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Saturday, September 11, 2004


i'm a Secondary 2 student from S'pore and a citizen of both S'pore and US. Although i somewhat agree and disagree with what you have said bout S'pore ["Singaporeans have been well-trained by their government to be workaholics." ]erm...not really..not all of us
[2. Begin a crash program to educate all parents, male and female, on how to be good parents.] Well god bless, my parents are both wonderful parents i could ever get and are the best thing that to have happened to me since birth. So the crash program wouldn't be much of a use.
Anyway I'm currently on a future problem solving program on the aging population in the US society. And thus stumbled upon your page.I've also read the article on"Where have all the baies gone" which i felt it to be very informative and insprirational. Thank-you. Do you have any suggestion on how to improve the droping birth rates in US?

Thanks for reading!

I think the U.S. has to make it easier to have, raise and afford children. Many couples in this country are inclined to put off having kids because the task seems so impossible:

1. Affordable housing is hard to achieve.
2. Along same lines, cost of living is going up at a rate that makes having children seem unrealistic or scary.
3. Stay-at-home parents, women especially, are finiancially penalized. Their careers and earning power rarely recovers.
4. Prospective parents fear our public education system, knowing they may have to move into a more expensive neighborhood to be in a viable school district.
5. Many Americans -- rightfully so -- see the impact on lifestyle as being too onerous. It's one thing to give up a few luxuries, but another to have lousy or expensive childcare options. Many couples know they will get little help from their extended family.
6. A lack of free things to do with children. Gymboree is not cheap.

Thanks for replying!
you have been most helpful!

My pleasure.

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