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Friday, October 08, 2004


I just reciently found out that I have a son she kept it from me until she got on wealfare then she filed for child support and called me . They had put a boyfriends name on the birth certificate knowing I was the father and intentionally left me out. She won the lottery spent 300k and is now drawing wealfare. I feel my rights have been alienated and want custody of my son. She only allows me one day a week to see him and threatens him if he asks to go to dads I am wondering if a civil rights case can be brought into the ohio courts on my behalf or if I can sue in civil courts for damage and custody . I am desprate can you help I am a professional male employeed and making 45k a year
I can afford to support him and give him the quality of life he deserves to have not to be subjected to her getting him drunk endangering him by driving under the influence and frauding wealfare by not reporting income she makes from her aunts company.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
a Real Good Man

Randy, on the left side of this website is a list of links called "Divorce and Dad's Rights." I highly recommend you click on one of them to seek professional help.

Dear Sir/Madam:

I was divorced in New York and awarded liberal visitation of my children, ages 7 and 9. My ex wife married a former paramour (while she was a doctoral student and he was her professor) and Purdue University Psychology professor. I received a letter from their attorney "advising me that Dr. Hynd will be petitioning the court for adoption."

I am a lawyer in New York and Florida. I am current and always have been with my child support. I call the children almost every week. I have asked for computer contact with the children but have been refused that legal right. The children have been calling Professor Hynd, "daddy." I have recognized, holidays, sent gifts and pictures without so much as an acknowledgment in return. I have not been provided information from Mrs. Hynd about anything, including their health and education. The children have never called me since I moved from New York to Florida. I have sent them pictures and left messages on their telephone. Sometimes I reach them telephonically. Most times I get a voice message and no return call.

I have much more information but if your organization is looking for a prime example of a father being deprived the love and affection of his children AND, the other party is a professor at Purdue and their mother a child psychologist, it may be in your organization's best interest to communicate with me further.

I have spent a career looking for appropriate people to fight the good fight. Given the "players" in this drama, you could do no better than to use me for your "good fight."


Bruce A. Plesser, Esq.

727.421 9784


Bruce A. Plesser

Alas Bruce, I'm merely an individual blogger. While I feel comfortable writing about various topics, that is as far as my sway goes.

I wish you the best of luck fighting for the right to see your children.

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