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Saturday, November 27, 2004


I was just reading an entry on another blog, talking about maniacal people charging the stores at 5:30AM on the Friday after thanksgiving for a good deal on a DVD player. It talked about how crazy consumerism is in our society.

After I was done reading it, I thought back to this entry, where you let the Inland Empress head to the mall, while you took Seth to the playground and you managed to have a good time and to find joy in being around other parents who were doing the same.

I used to be a big consumer myself, but being a father, and after changing my career a few times, I've realized that it's no way to live. The "experiences" in life are what matter in the end, not the "things we have".

BTW, I don't think you were making any statements about consumerism, but I just kind of went off on this tangent. The fact that you found a certain richness in that experience is what tied the two together for me.

Hey Mark

I wasn't thinking about consumerism in this post, but I certainly have written about it. I see it as something as a plague on our society.

When we go shopping, we try to use it as a time for Seth to 1. run around and burn off steam and 2. take time to teach Seth new things.

My favorite thing about a mall: Great place to play in the rain. Otherwise, "yuck." Especially the day after Thanksgiving. I can't think of anything less fun.

But some families truly enjoy going shopping for the Holidays. If they have a good time, more power to them. ;--)

The Travel Town railroad museum in Griffith Park is another great place here in L.A. My son (and husband) LOVED it and we're sure to head back many times.

Yeah, I found it on the web a couple days ago. I definitely want to take Seth there.

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