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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Here's another drug use for Nyquil I found out about from one of my site's readers, married to a narcotics officer in the South. Teens are creating a drink to get high called "zjuice." It's a mixture of Nyquil, vodka and Kool-Aid. Sounds yummy. All kidding aside, it's scary what kids will do for a high. The regulation of spray paint by home improvement stores is another example (one you pointed out to me earlier).

Yeah, I heard about jzuice, which I've seen spelled a few different ways. It's just amazing how many ways kids -- and adults -- find to get that high.

Just wondering what the symptoms are with the psuedophedrine?

When it came to my son: racing heart rate, inability to sleep, irritability, hyperactive behavior.

I don't think you are approaching this right, infringing on others' freedoms.

Yes crank gets around and it comes in a whole bunch of forms because theres no set way to make it. Also theres abuse of Adderall and Ritalin which is pretty much the same thing as meth. Dealers dont care who they sell it to and even the ones who would not sell to kids sell to people who sell to kids and there are even kids selling their perscription pills like what i mentioned too. Its a game run by money

It's very important that parents brush up on ... slang, because just like with text messaging, kids use all these abbreviations and parents don’t know what they mean....

Crystal Meth Addiction

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