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Monday, March 21, 2005


You forgot another benefit: How hot you look these days. Hubba hubba.

This is really fascinating. After reading this series of posts you've done, I've paid more attention to things like sprouts, bean threads and soups/stews in my diet. You are right, they fill you up more and I feel better about myself eating them. I, too, constantly fight the siren call of baked goods. Feeling full definitely helps.

I'm reading yet another book that says sprouts are loaded with protein levels that rival meat. If so, that's a definite dietary boon.

Wow! I need to lose about 15 pounds...I may just try this. I love soup! Did you make all your soups or did you buy any particular brands?

I pretty much make my own. Most store brands have way too much salt and calories or too little flavor. There are some recipes in the Okinawa book, but I just improvise, really.

Now that I've lost the weight, I also use traditional cookbooks, but cut back on fat and meat in the recipe and add more seasoning to make up for flavor.

This is excellent food for thought (pun intended)... I've been adopting all sorts of changes in my diet. Not wanting to be ON a diet, but rather permanently alter the way I eat. In the past year I've broken my fast food addiction and switched from regular Coke to Diet. I was like your dad and would eat an entire half-gallon of ice cream in one sitting (my wife still can't get over this). So obviously some old habits had to die. I'm definitely going to look into this Okinawa Diet as one more way I can eat better without eating so much. Thanks for sharing it! By the way, I've shed ten pounds, with about twenty to go to get back to fightin' weight.

I find it interesting how many people want to change but are just looking for the tools to succeed. Good luck.

hi man,

adding amounts of water to your food looks acceptable as a solution to me .

i also think that vegetables are healthy because the amount of water in them which is high , i think that because most of thier volume is water they dont add calories to our meals

so soap or other water rich ingiediants i will try.


Hi there

I really like your blog. Looks great and lots of good information. I was in the same boat,

tring to lose those unwanted pounds of excess body fat.

One thing I would like to add is when people are trying to lose weight, they seem to forget

the one magical ingredient. Fiber, Fiber, Fiber.

If someone would really concentrate on taking between 30 to 40 grams of fibre each and

every day, this too would help with the cleansing of the bowel and end result is losing

more weight too.

I think this is a mandatory add on for any weight loss diet.

PS Make sure you are drinking the water too. Lots and lots of water.

Water is key to lose weight... Drinking 2 glasses or water before each meal will makes you eat less and therefore, get less carbs and help you to lose weight =).

Nice book btw, i will check it out

hello Great to see a collection of blog posts that includes thoughtful and perceptive commentary. Keep up the great work!!!

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