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Friday, October 28, 2005


Happy Birthday, honey. xoxo

Thanks. This is one of the best birthdays ever.

hey, happy b'day. I have to say you don't look a day over 41! Anyway glad to hear you're having a great vacation.

You're making me want to go on vacation... A real vacation, where we get away from everything for more than a couple of days, stay in a motel and just spend time together (rather than trying to visit relatives). We haven't done that for awhile. Will definitely have to plan for it next summer. Can't go to California, though. My half-brother is getting married and I need to stay as far away from that as possible.

P.S. Happy birthday!! 42 sounds really really old. I can't even imagine being that old. (I turned 41 last month)

Phil, It's not that bad. It's a lot like being 32 except with gray hair and creaking joints.

In 8 months, I will hit the big 40. I second your comment about creaking joints... Were we differ is in turning gray. I have some gray hairs in my face, but I don't have a beard. No grays my head at all though.

The hairs on my head apparently choose suicide over turning gray and they leap to their deaths instead.

I'm doing pretty well on keeping my hair, but they complain by turning gray.

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