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Sunday, December 11, 2005


I love meetings with bloggers...hope you enjoyed!

We did. I'm hoping to meet more bloggers next Spring when we visit my wife's family in CT.

Just commented on your wife's post.

Glad that a fun time was had by all.

(Hmmm, my ears weren't burning, although I do know my name would've come up, however brief, in round-table discussions last night.)

uh-oh, I better start looking now for a good kosher Chinese restaurant for us to meet up at when you're back east in April...

Pearl: Nah, we couldn't hear what each other was saying anyway.

Chip: Nah, I work next to Chinatown. I didn't want to say anything, but I get the best Chinese food in the world there. Well, except China, I supposed. Rivals even NYC.

We're also right next to Little Tokyo. When it comes to Asian food, my only limitation is my budget.

Brett: I'm so glad you three were finally able to come out to spend time with us. I think we got a great group of people together, and were it not for blogs, I can't imagine how eight people like us would ever meet.

You and Anne are two of the nicest, most wholesome people I've ever met--for journalists. Lael is beautiful and well behaved.

Hope we can see you again!

Brett, when you visit North Idaho we'll definitely take you out for some...

Oh, wait a minute... There aren't any good restaurants up here. And nobody comes to visit us. Not even family.

Never mind.

"Wholesome" -- What a Midwestern thing to say.

Psychotoddler: Thanks, we really enjoyed meeting you and your wife too. Everyone was great. Here's a well-kept secret about journalists:

Only reporters are obnoxious. The behind-the-scenes copy editors and designers are the nicest people around. Well, most of us, anyway.

Okay, I'm kidding. Most reporters are pretty nice too. Except when they call about computer problems.

Phil: We know your food situation. Whereas my work place is great, we have the same horrible restaurants in Upland that you have in Idaho. In fact, we're your sister city for bad food.

So when we come up there some day, we'll drive through San Gabriel and Alhambra and bring you some cold Chinese takeout.

If that fails, we'll cook.

wholesome? hmmm, maybe I've misjudged you... :-)

It's the first time I've been called wholesome in my adult life. But my wife is definitely wholesome so she probably just created a cover for me.

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