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Sunday, August 27, 2006


Good thing they didn't haul you off to jail. I didn't have the time to bail you out.

But think how many more stories I would have for this blog!

You could've started a new blog: Con Talk

Hmmm, a captive audience -- I like it.

I'm laughing. It's a good thing your house wasn't burgled, or you really *needed* an officer. Then you'd never have seen one.

But those jiffy lube scofflaws, whoosh they're on the scene. You'll soon get rich on those 35 dollar freebies.

Then you run into the "teaching force" somewhat akin to the teaching hospital.

I think you restrained yourself admirably.

Let's just say the Upland Police was more proactive for Jiffy Lube than they were when my CAR was STOLEN from in FRONT of MY HOUSE a few years back.

Apparently, grand theft oil is much worse than grand theft auto. Then again, with today's oil prices...

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