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Monday, September 04, 2006


The veiw is amazing. Really just wow. I want to come stand and look out for a few hours, especially in the morning.

All that light! Wow... I'd be forced to become a morning person...

you weren't exaggerating! It's an amazing view!

That is one SWEET view!

It was a blast to have you all over for dinner! I didn't mind the couch jumping at all and am glad that Seth didn't mind the lack of toys. :) You can tell him that my cat came out about 20 minutes after you left and spent two hours sniffing around the living room trying to figure out who was here.

See you again soon!

Woo Hoo! What a view. Glad to hear you all had a good day yesterday.

P.S. The best Target is the new one on Peterson and Ravenswood. Closest Sears is on Lawrence and Wolcott.

Wow, I'm coming to visit! What with that view and blogger couches to jump on, sounds like there's a lot to do in Chicago! :)

Yes, that's the Target we went to. Largest Target on the planet -- two full floors for Lael to explore on foot and see what she could shove in her mouth. She finally nursed and conked out in the middle of the closet organizer aisle, so everyone had to maneuver huge boxes of wire racks around me while she napped.

Plus I got to expose myself to half of Chicago. What a day.

BEAUTIFUL view! I still find it amazing that there's all that greenery right along the lake. Gives everyone such a nice place to hang out and enjoy the nice weather.

Autumn: Feel free to come by, but you may want to wait until we have furniture.

Chip: Even my mom, who grew up in the city, was impressed. "I've never seen a place with a better view of the lake," she said.

Nadine: I never liked watching cars much, but it's pretty cool from 15 stories up. I like the sailboats more, though.

Leah: Seth slept 12 hours last night. He was pooped. Too bad you couldn't have met him, more, more, um, relaxed and rested.

Rayne: You have a very nice sister.

Phil: Might want to wait till spring. Not much to do here when the lake freezes over in about three weeks. Okay, I'm exagerating. In four weeks.

Anne: I don't know why your are concerned. You've already exposed yourself to all of Los Angeles and Connecticut. Besides, all of Chicago can see you from our nine-window apartment. Didn't you see those "bird watchers" in Lincoln Park?

Yes, they've been reporting sitings of the double-breasted snit grouse.

Everyone be careful. Anne hatches the best puns.

I am soooo there. Beware - people have invited me before and I actually TAKE them up on it. Of course, that's how I ended up living in North Carolina. *grins*

I'll add you to my list. ;) Mind if I bring a friend?

Sure. Also bring sleeping bags!

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