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Thursday, September 14, 2006


I don't think you're going to find that many of these college students want to babysit.


my condolences. Having myself lived in the vicinity of college students I can feel your pain... But hey, at least you have the view, right?

Nadine: Your probably right.

Autumn: ;--)

Chip: That's right, we have the view and snot-nosed college kids can't take that away.

On the bright side - you can have a first look at the fashion cutting edge, right?

While it's still summer, yeah. The styles seem more conservative: bare midriffs out, casual, full-cover blouses in. Flip flops in. Or maybe Chicagoans never were as bold as Californians.

Once winter comes, though, everyone here wears the same style: warm.

It's strange for me to be around college kids and realize that when I was in college they were just toddlers.

What's odd to me is this: I'm old enough to be there parents. We just had our kids later in life than most.

*looks around*

*realizes how young she is*

*wonders what she's doing here*

*sits down anyway*

LOL..don't worry Autumn, I'm with you. I still feel like I've got more in common with college kids than I do "grownups" sometimes!

We just had a trio of college girls move into the rental house next door. I find it somewhat ironic that after I spent most of my first 20-something years wishing for hot college chicks to appear out of nowhere and take up residence nearby, when it finally does happen I'm engaged and have a family. Never let it be said that God doesn't have a sense of humor. :)

Autumn's here because she has a thing for strong daddy types.

Now, you've got this awesome pool of potential babysitters, and better still, you can probably pay them in beer!

Autumn: Okay, you made me laugh out loud. Not easy to do.

Mark: I would say, "me too," but my wife reads this site.

Philip: I never thought of that. And beer is the only affordable product in the entire city of Chicago. I bet if I offered them my parking space for a week, they'd babysit our kids for a month.

Good!! Then my sense of humor is still working, as is yours. Philip's got me pegged though, I'm afraid.

I suspect Philip has all of us pegged.

I like all the college kids. The guys are hot and the girls are sweet. I haven't met a mean one yet.

As for fashion, they all seem to wear some type of sweats. I haven't noticed much wardrobe variation between men and women, except that the women's seem to fit better.

So far, they've all been really cheerful around the kids and it's a great way to get a totally hot guy to talk to me. I should've thought of this years ago.

Huh, the hot guys haven't been talking to me all that much.

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