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Monday, October 30, 2006


Your kids are already expecting trick-or-treating, which makes change tough. I suggest looking to alternatives. Plenty of organizations host costume parties/mini-carnivals. I'd only do trick-or-treating in your immediate neighborhood, and really only to get to know your neighbors. Ask another parent which events are best. I attended one this past weekend which was fantastically elaborate, and I wouldn't have normally attended because it had such poor publicity.

Great ideas.

Seth doesn't have a strong expectation of Trick or Treating so we could skip the holiday altogether.

Most of the people we know, though, don't seem to celebrate Halloween in any way, so no parties that we know of.

Oh, I don't mean friends hosting parties, though that would be fun. In our area, events are being held by: a junior high school, a roller rink, a church (a non-religious event), a city's parks & recreation department, a discovery museum, a teen activity center, a natural history museum, a zoo, a grange, and a coffee shop (story telling and puppets). Several downtown business districts have trick-or-treating hours (though they get swamped with kids). None of these venues have haunted houses.

Check out every publication that contains an event calendar. That's where a savvy parent helps, so you know the age appropriateness of each venue.

What a good idea; Seth is still too scared of things like haunted houses. Of course, we don't know where anything is yet.

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