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Sunday, December 03, 2006


How uncomfortable!

Yeah. I only had a come-on that dramatic once before, but it was long before I met my Anne. I turned that one down, too, and I wasn't even married.

My poor husband, he doesn't know what an aphrodisiac it is to find a man who does laundry.

Huh, who knew?

I was thinking my headline should have been:

A clothes Call
in Laundry Room

Funny, sort of... A man doing laundry must be a turn-on to some women. That doesn't happen in my house! I'd get that laundry washed and folded a lot quicker if it was.

Um, if laundry was a turn on for spouses, I'd suspect it would never get done!

LOL that's hysterical. Monique already hates when I try to do laundry, and we even have our own washer and dryer. If something like that ever happened to me, she'd tag my ear and refuse to let me out of the house without a chastity belt on. :Þ

Chastity belt! Now why didn't I think of that?

There's an old skit from Dave Allen at Large. A Knight comes back after being at war for years. He's getting hot and heavy with his maiden when you hear a clank.

"Drat, I left the key in Rome," the knight proclaims.

"Don't worry dear, I had a spare made years ago," says the woman.

I've never understood what compels people to pursue mates they know are obviously taken. For some perverse and inexplicable reason, a wedding band almost seems like an invitation to these folks.

I'd probably want to run myself through a Tide-infused rinse cycle after an encounter like that. Congrats for making it out unscathed!


Hooooly crap! That's an awesome story in its own right -- weird and awkward, but awesome too. You can never have nothing to talk about at dinner parties now.

I agree that monopolizing a big laundromat is preferable to spending all day doing one load, then another, then another...

My husband comes homes with stories of how the coffee girl flirted with him, or someone tried to pick him up in the grocery. They amuse me and I pick on him endlessly. And then tell our friends, who get to pick on him.

How I love things like this. :D

KC: Yeah, I have a real shortage of these type of stories in my life. Probably for the better.

Autumn: Poor guy. ;-)

Good job resisting the street fish. It is nice to be wanted though, I'm gonna do laundry when I get home tonight to see if my wife will jump my bones. Or maybe you tapped into some new type of spanish-fly, that only originates from a soup stained white onesie. Get some soup on another one stick it in your pocket, and walk the streets. Let me know if it works better than Axe.

Hmm. I guess in winter it won't be much of a problem. In summer, I suspect I would attract, well, flies.

That was a great post.

Glad you made it out in one piece. Looks like the sledding was a blast!

Thanks and yes.

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