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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Yay! Sounds like a great project. A week and a half ago we put in lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, butternut squash, and sugar snap peas. The only item that hasn't sprouted is the butternut. Henry thinks we'll be having tomatoes for breakfast now. We both like watering after we get home from school. We had such a sweet moment earlier this week. I was carrying my big watering can and he was carrying his little water can and we were holding hands walking to the garden and I thought, this is exactly the moment I dreamed about having a child.

We're making Henry a sunflower teepee this spring also. Last weekend I planted a 6-7 ft circle of sunflowers in the yard with a 2 foot opening. In a couple weeks I'll plant scarlet runner beans outside the sunflowers. Then the beans will climb the sunflowers and fill in the gaps and we'll loosely tie the flower heads together when the flowers are tall. I am so looking forward to it. Henry thinks the white flags marking the circle are his castle.

Wow, that sounds awesome. I bet Henry will love it.

We also "planted" some seeds in glass so Seth can watch the sprouting process.

That's awesome. I have a few planters on my back porch but I learned last year that A) my cats will eat anything flower like and B) we don't get much sun on my side of the building.

I'm going to plant some herbs and hope the cats don't eat them all.

If you have no bugs, how will the blossoms get pollinated?

Autumn: Plant some catnip as a distraction!

Karen: Paintbrushes. I used to do that as a kid.

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