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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Good pictures, really!

So this is a manifestation of spring fever? Hehe it's pretty cool.

This is just a hoot. Our boy recently got a slide for his birthday and has discovered going down the "traditional" way leaves a lot to be desired so head first, on his little riding car, etc. have all come into play--much to the detriment of his Mom's heart.

It is amazing how straight she is. I would have thought she would have taken the Seth method of a foot out, slightly bent. She is a real daredevil. Lucky you. LOL

Those are great pictures! Shared them with Megan and Ryan and they got a big kick out of them as well. I remember doing similar pictures of my daredevil son jumping off the couch when he was younger and we ended up with some funny, mid-air pics then too. They're at a super-fun age now.

BTW, it was great seeing you yesterday. I really enjoyed the visit and the kids agreed.

Have a safe trip back to Chicago!

KC: Thanks! It's a manifestation of Chicago weather all year round.

Sean: Thanks. And thankfully, my kids never thought to ride Dora the Explorer car down the bed slide!

Mark: Thanks on all counts!

I'm so glad my daughter isn't a climber. We use that same type of shelving for our entertainment center (rolls nicely on hard floors).

Ours has no wheels, which is probably fortunate. Never thought we'd have climbing kids.

I'll make sure my kids don't see this to get any ideas.

Good point!

There is a human tetris game show on Japanese TV that I think Lael would be GREAT at!

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