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Friday, May 30, 2008


Happy Anniversary! Love you, grouse-face. xoxo


While I don't see you as a "negative person", or grumpy in any way, I will say that since you've covered the housing market, economy, lead issues in toys, and so on... it has given this blog a bit more of a pessimistic tone that I recall in the past.

In fact at times, it's made me wonder if you're doing OK. I am prone to reading into things too much though...

As long as we keep getting the good adventure stories about you, Anne and the kids, that makes us laugh with you, then we'll know everything is OK.

Still waiting for those pictures of you and Anne diving off of the storage shelves like Seth and Lael did. ;-)

PS - Happy Anniversary? Happy Anniversary!!

Mark: If we dive off the storage bins, then you'll know things aren't going well. ...

It's been a tough time for us mostly because of the housing market and the economy, but we're still doing okay overall. I think the negativeness comes from my mirroring what's happening in the outer world not what's happening in our personal lives.

Yeah, it's our anniversary! One more to 10 years!

happy anni! 9 years? us too....

hey, I read this blog for all it's glory! no need to explain the doom and critical eye.

When I was at my last jobby-job, I was a crazy rant over how bad our reporting systems were, company wide as well as industry wide. Like crazy stuff - that others just refused to question. It was hard to always have my wheels spinning so hard all the time - and perhaps that's why I left. But still, we spinners have to be around to point out the issues...it's a lonely spot though.

one of the problems with mainstream US culture is this tendency to allow only happy-face feel-good stuff to be expressed. It's really and ideology that leads to very bad things: individuals blame themselves if things are not going well, when in fact it's the system that's creating bad things. But it's a very effective way to defuse or prevent collective action based on solidarity.

Think how conservative this is: if something bad happens, it's not okay to grouse, but you just have to suck it up and work it out yourself. Talk about a way to preserve the status quo.

So thanks for all the grousing!!

And happy anniversary!

Kate: Yes, it is. Plus, many of us who point the issues out actually fix them.

Chip: Thanks Chip on both counts!

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