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Sunday, June 08, 2008


How does a tomato become infected with Salmonella?

dirt made from cow poop.

I love it. Affected tomatoes hail from California and Texas. Those states are not exactly small. I live in California. San Diego is a mere 12 hours away by car.

We need to know the store chains and suppliers involved.

The FDA does not seem sure of all the retailers. That's why they're recommending only tomatoes from safe states and countries.

One of the original retailers was Whole Foods, but since the store was named early in the effort, their troubled produce was probably pulled two weeks ago.

There are so many stories out now, I'm no longer sure what's true and not true.

Canadian News: The tomatoes that have infected more than 167 Americans with a rare strain of salmonella probably came from Mexico, according to a representative from the New Mexico Department of Health.

San Francisco Chronicle: Major U.S. supermarket and restaurant chains are pulling selected stocks of fresh tomatoes in the outbreak of salmonella poisoning that investigators say may have originated in imports from Mexico. ...

Disease investigators in New Mexico, where the outbreak was first detected last month, said fresh tomatoes linked to the initial cases were purchased at Wal-Mart, Lowe's and Bashas' stores. "We talked to those stores, and those stores told us they bought them from Mexico," said Deborah Busemeyer, spokeswoman for the New Mexico Department of Health. She acknowledged that the link to farms south of the border had to be confirmed by federal disease investigators. ...

Safeway spokeswoman Espe Greenwood said the giant grocery chain this weekend pulled "a large percentage" of its fresh tomatoes and fresh tomato products from its shelves and destroyed them. "If there is any question, our primary concern is our customer," she said. Consumers who have bought fresh tomatoes from the chain and have concerns about them can return the products to any Safeway store for a refund, she added.

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