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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I wasn't really ready for fatherhood. Six years into our marriage we were childless, not by any reason but fate - it just hadn't happened. I was enjoying this part of my life very much. I had toys, we bowled, did road rallye's and I had a house, porsche and I had married my soulmate. My wife however wanted a child and after being told it was because she was too heavy she wasn't getting pregnant ~~ she promptly lost 48 lbs. to stop at a pregnant 103 lbs. I still wasn't sure... she almost lost the baby, I still wasn't sure. She went to the hospital alone as I was working and I got there just in time to tell her, I still wasn't sure I wanted a baby. She told me "too late buddy"....and off they rolled her into the delivery room. Next day it was determined that our son had ABO blood incompatibility - seems she had O+ for a blood type and the baby was A+. We would have known this, but I wouldn't even go to have my blood type checked - remember I didn't know if I wanted this baby. Our son was in the special care nursery for 5 days, we couldn't hold him, all we could do was watch thru the window. They had him under lights, he was blindfolded, taped up and they stuck him every 2 hours in his tiny feet to test to see if a blood transfusion would be needed - as brain damage occurs if the count were to get too high. It was probably at that point, with the both of us crying in front of that window ...that my mind finally changed and I really became a father.

Ohmigosh, John, that made me cry. I bet you're an amazing father now.


We spend Father's Day almost like any other. I don't buy into the buy-dad-a-gift marketing plan. Anything I truly need I've already bought, so I hate entertaining an unneeded gift. Make me a craft project to hang on my wall, tell me you love me, and give me an excuse to eat dinner at a restaurant. Life is good.

So, I'm not vying for this neat solar watch. The only time I'd wear a timepiece is during a job interview, and I hate job interviews, so please don't encourage me with a new watch!

This will be the second father’s day that actually honors me. For years, those who had long given up on me ever becoming a father occasionally sent cards recognizing me as the proud pop of two Labrador retrievers. I’m sure for some of them it was a way to retain hope (mom and dad). On December 18, 2006, I became the proud father of a son, Elliott Thomas, a 7 pound two legged creature who has truly become this man’s best friend. With his birth, Fathers Day has been redefined.

It means most days my name is “Hi pal”, the greeting Elliott uses when I walk through the door, whether back from a day at work or a trip to the mailbox.

It means I cried last year when he gave me my first Fathers Day card, even though it was clearly his mother’s hand writing.

It means without a doubt that a cat says “meow”, a dog says “woof” and nearly every vehicle on the highway today is a “big tuck” - which he says with a wince, ever mindful of our fuel crisis.

It means sleeping in comes three hours sooner than it used to. Going to bed sometimes never happens.

It means I understand that funny look my dad got when I announced I was too big to kiss him goodnight.

It means I'm happy to say next father's day will be dad times 2, our second child is due in November.

It means at the ripe ol age of 44, that may be the extent of this father's day.

Happy Father's Day to All.

Website for previous post included.

This is my husband's first Father's Day, and I am excited to be taking him and our son to a minor league baseball game. And yes, he will get the obligatory tie because that is the giveaway at the game!

As for true Father's Day stories, I remember making my dad a card out of construction paper that had a picture of a hammer I drew on the front. The funny thing is that he is so not the typical Dad that you see on Hallmark cards, etc. He does not like golf, tools, ties or hammocks, so that made the card a little funny in retrospect. I wish I had a more interesting story! Maybe next year.

One Father's Day when I was 11 years old, my Mom decided that my Father would have a day of peace and quiet. Now all of you fathers know that in a house with a child or two, there is hardly a moment of silence. Our house had five kids ages 8 to 20. Since my Mom was a great cook, many of the neighborhood kids hung out at our house. Yet, on this Father's Day we were all suppose to give my Father peace and quiet. That meant, no running and out of the house or having guests over.

So the day started out fine and peaceful. We went to ate breakfast and went to church. When we returned home, my Dad decided that he wanted to watch television without anyone talking in the room. There was only one color television in the house and it was in the living room. After my Dad had been watching Star Trek for awhile he fell asleep on the couch. A few of us kids decided that we would quietly sneak back into the living room to watch television while my Dad slept. We all tip-toed in and sat down on the floor in front of the couch. Ahhhhhhhh we made it. Just then, Barney the dog ran into the room and quietly stepped up on the couch. We all took a deep breath as we imagined what would happen next. As Barney sat down at my Dad's feet, he touched my Dad and woke him! My Dad jumped because he was startled. We screamed and the dog and kids ran out of the room. We heard our Father say, "Being a Father means there are no more days of peace and quiet - just moments inbetween."

Twenty years later, we still blame the dog for disrupting the peaceful Father's Day.

I remember the last Father's Day I had with my Grandpa. I did not know it was our last and I wish I had held on to him a little harder. I went to school on the opposite side of the country of my family. My Grandparents stopped in Boston on their way back from Poland as my Grandfather had finally gone to see where his parents had been born and visit family he only knew in pictures. We had to go out for a Lobster dinner both nights they were in town. "Can't come back East without eating a Lobster" he liked to tell me. We also explored Boston together. I took them to my school, showed them my dorm, the labs and talked about the following year when I would graduate. It was a great visit and I enjoyed all of. Their flight left on Sunday, Father's Day. We had breakfast and got ready to leave for the airport. I remember having this over whelming urge to get a picture with my Grandpa. He kept putting me off but I insisted. We took a picture of Grandma and Grandpa with their arms around me. I treasure that picture as it was the last time I ever saw Grandpa. Months later I called him the day before my 21 birthday and spoke briefly since he did not feel well. He had a stroke a few hours later. He lived a few more days in a coma but never spoke to anyone again. I treasure that photo and that last phone call as I was unable to return for the funeral. Now to add a twist my Aunt went to a psychic a few years later and the women gave my aunt the longitude and latitude of where I lived at the time and said that is where my Grandfather's spirit was. I don't know if I believe in psychics but what a weird coincidence.

Wow...I don't have a ton of memories from Father's Day during my childhood, and I don't have a ton of experience with them now that I have a child either. Oh well, I'll give it my best shot.

Last Father's Day was the first father's Day my toddler could actually participate (beyond scribbling on the card). I let him make breakfast and serve it to Dad in bed.

I let him choose a bowl..to which he promptly chose the largest mixing bowl I own. I let him pour whatever cereal he wanted...so he poured a mixture of amaranth flakes, raisin bran, and coco puffs. To the brim. I let him pour the milk, and he poured in about a tablespoon. To top it off, he got to choose the spoon...and he picked his favorite one - the Transformers spoon - also the smallest spoon in the drawer.

He waddled over to Dad, balancing the bowl precariously between his little hands and placed it *proudly* at his feet.

I've never seen him or my husband beam that hard.

by the way, it took my husband about two hours to finish that bowl of cereal with that spoon.

Next Father's Day will mean two children...I can't wait to see what schemes we'll come up with then.

i'm not a father so i hope i can still enter.

having children was not on our minds when we got married and i was told when i was a child it would be very hard for me to get pregnant at all. a couple weeks after we got married i found out i was pregnant. things were fine then two weeks after i had my daughter my husband got called up. he had to go to iraq. we were devistated that he would miss the whole first year of her life. he came home on leave 4 months later and i got pregnant again. so i was alone pregnant with a baby. well thank goodness 10 1/2 months later he came home safe. he lost alot of good friends including our best friend. the look on his face when he saw her was priceless. now he has gotten out to avoid having to serve a 3rd deployment. he is achieving his degree in chemistry and juggling me and 3 kids. i think he really deserves this!

My first Father's day was with an 8-month-old baby whom I had transplanted from the southern United States to Southeast Asia. My journey through fatherhood thus far has been for the most part unsupervised and ad-lib. My own father passed away just weeks after my first Father's day (July 31).
On my second Father's day I was separated from my family by 8,840 miles. We had to be apart for work and health related reasons. Our reunion was sweet a few weeks after Father's day. My pregnant wife surprised me with a home made ice cream cake and my 2 1/2 year old son helped me to blow out my "Father's Day Candles".
This year is my first Father's Day as a father of TWO beautiful boys. I'm so eager and overwhelmed about teaching them how to be great men, and in turn, outstanding fathers.
We are together as a family and will soon embark on another great family adventure when I move them all overseas in July. I hope that my own father would be proud of the way I have raised my boys so far. I hope my boys will be proud to call me "Papa", always and forever.

my stepdad would love this!

Wonderful Watch! Great style, comfort and function - just what Old Dad needs! Maybe, we would be on time for family get-togethers, Ha!Ha!

My father is a giant to me.

My sweetie would love this watch.

a good watch to know what time it is to be there to get the kids

Our family would go camping over Father's Day each year. My dad loved hiking, fishing and cooking over an open fire. One year he had the challange of getting us thru a flat tire on the highway which made us late getting us to our camp site. Setting up our tent in the dark while it was raining. Fishing for my brother's glasses twice. He cooked and ate steaks that our dog had dragged off the table into the dirt and got his first blistering sunburn on his bald spot that he never knew existed. He had a great Father's Day.

My parents divorced when I was four, and when I five my mother took me to by my dad a gift for Father's Day. She said I could get him anything I wanted. I had asked him what he did for a living. He answered that he brought home the bacon, so I got him a bottle of Enjoli perfume! I think Mom was a little bitter.

My parents were divorced and I didn't see much of my father, so Father's Day to me now means making the best day possible for my husband.

the father i would like to give this to is my son-in-law. my daughter just gave birth to her 5th baby and he just truly deserves it. he's there for his kids and he loves them all.

My wife and I were in Missouri (we lived in Memphis) visiting my parents for my dad's birthday and father's day. We then made the five hour drive from St. Louis to Memphis to see her parents. When we arrived with his gift in the car, we were a little surprised to see so many cars at the house. She has four brothers, but most live too far away to visit for a weekend. To make a long story short, her father had passed away of a massive heart attack while we were in route. We pulled up, got our one year old out of the carseat, grabbed his gift and headed inside. It devastated my wife. She is the only daughter and was his princess. Father's day is now sweet again because we have four daughters of our own, and they treat me like a king, but I know my wife still misses her "daddy." Thanks for the great giveaway.

My father has always been my best friend. He is someone you can always count on. If I need good advise or the correct answer to a question I can count on him. I know he can use a new watch and I would like to win it for him.

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