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Monday, September 01, 2008


Wow, what great photos! I want you to print them out for me so I can frame them.

Glad you had fun. I want to go on the next one :-(


Sounds like you had a good time -- and this was a pretty good weekend to be outside, as it was (relatively) cool for Labor Day weekend. That's one of the things I love about the Valley -- it may be blazing hot here, but drive a couple of hours and you can be in cool mountain pines. Or if you're feeling like frolicking in the snow in wintertime, head north and have a few snowball fights, and then come back home and put your shorts on while you BBQ in the backyard for dinner. Gotta love it.

what fun!

Anne: I know. Sorry.

Mark: Yes.

Kate: Double yes.

My favorite time of the year approaches here in New England. I want to get out and do some hikes with my kids, enjoying the fall leaves and the cool, crisp weather. We're not there yet. Today is warm and about 99.5% humid. Yuk. But your pictures look great, make me excited about being outdoors in great weather, and will have to hold me over until I can enjoy the same.

Just wait, I have some desert hiking photos coming soon.

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