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Monday, January 05, 2009


Ridiculous. What's next? Any loss of life is sad but no one knows the long term outcome of all these vaccines or the efficacy rates. What of the original human diploid cells that they are grown in that are now over 40 years old? What of personal choice? The flu it seems kills those with already compromised immune systems, so for the healthy population I think not.

(MMR never had thimerosal)

I disagree with so many shots. Now that my child has autism, I no longer give shots.
I think it's a very risky game at this point - 1 in about 60 boys in NJ has autism. Do you remember ANY autistic kids when you were growing up? I don't. I also don't remember all the allergies, asthma, diabetes, ADD/ADHD, etc. We're clearly doing something wrong in NJ.

AnneS: I double checked the FDA site and you are correct: the MMR never contained Thimerosal.

Vaccines that did include:
Some flu
Some brands of DTaP
Some brands of Hepatitis B

Most no longer do.

I want government to be as small as possible. I don't think we should be so willing to hand over our freedom of choice to somebody in the government. Since when do they make better decisions than we can about our families.

Seat belts make good sense and I generally wear them because they make good sense. But if I forget to put my seat belt on, or just don't concern myself with it, as I make a 25mph drive with my kids, in my neighborhood just to get them down the street to a friends house, I run the risk of having the police pulling me over and slapping me with a fine?! How on Earth did the people decide to let government get away with such a thing?

Maybe the state feels that in the case of vaccinations that it's considering the overall public good and making sure that you're not bringing the flu, via your kid, into the daycare environment. But parents should have the choice. Daycare's could also make the choice to say whether or not they will accept unvaccinated kids. And if your unvaccinated kid gets the flu from somebody else's unvaccinated kid, so be it.

Please, will people stop allowing the government to dictate to them what should be a personal choice.

Has someone (not me) done the digging to see the profits gained by vax industry every time a new shot is pushed/forced/added to the line-up?
It's hard for me to trust the entire enterprise at this point. I don't see enough transparency or respect towards the parents/families facing these issues. Too many scare tactics used to force people into vaxing. And yes, what is next?
It's this heavy handed-ness that really keeps me from trusting the vax policies. It's hard to say that anyone can really identify the true risks in the long run, the studies don't exist. You are putting a foreign substance into your (child's) body, altering your immunity. They don't know how to cure common cold and yet I'm to trust that they "know" how to fix my natural immunity or, our collective immunity as a social creature? We have no idea what this means for us long term. Just because we don't see any "injury" short term. And I'm not saying vax causes autism - just that there are too many things we don't know. I'm all for medicine and science for some things, but injecting anything into otherwise healthy and developing bodies seems like something we should be a bit more thoughtful and questioning over. Even if in the end we decide to vax.

We are not told many things about vaccines. For example, numerous vaccines are for diseases that are not remotely deadly to children. In our country, we vaccinate children to protect vulnerable adult populations. For example... the elderly (flu). Drug addicts and the sexually promiscuous (hep B). Pregnant women (rubella). Read a vaccine package insert to know that all vaccines can injure and kill. Read FDA and CDC reports to know that vaccine ingredients are not safety tested using the highest standards of scientific inquiry (no longitudinal controlled studies). The majority of flu vaccine doses, including pediatric doses, contain mercury. Expert testimony by leading mainstream government toxicologists says that mercury contained in vaccines is responsible for some of the increased autism we now see. It is time for all of us to open our eyes, learn for ourselves what the truth is, and take action. Who was protecting us when Vioxx was routinely prescribed? Thalidomide? The Dalkon Shield? Hormone replacement therapy? DES? How many people were killed and maimed because it takes our government a long time to act, because our drug companies get the benefit of the doubt, because money speaks louder than the voices of our children? What kind of society do you want to live in? Don't assume others will do what has to be done. Make a resolution in 2009 to care and to act. Louise

It's a good idea. Stopping flu transmission involves doing the equivalent of blocking traffic at major intersections. Schools and daycares are those major intersections.

Hi louise, My husband and I are happy to have come across your posts. I am a mom of three and always vaccinated timely until a few years ago,we had found out about spacing the shots and I am thankful for that info. I am always trying to educate myself and am so glad you can provide any information to us concerned parents. The bottom line is we all must SPREAD THE WORD to our family, friends and who ever is willing to listen. No one can justify this vaccine schedule we are supposed to follow, no wonder why my stomach always hurt on well visits it must have been my motherly instinct telling me this is not right.. Thank you louise for putting it out there. jenn

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