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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Very stylish! Apart from the safety issue of someone her age using scissors, this is a huge win. For someone who's never had their hair cut it's pretty cool that she was to into it. I've seen a lot of kids who are inconsolable when confronted with the idea of a hair cut. It looks like you won't have this problem with Lael.

It's also a great opportunity for Lael to learn how people are treated differently when they look different.

Fortunately, she has so much hair that no one is noticing unless I point it out.

Wow, you have an amazing knack for taking utterly horrible pictures of me. Blah.

I wasn't taking a picture of you.

Reminds me of when I was young, a friend decided that she didn't want her bangs anymore. So she carefully trimmed them off at the hairline.

When they began to grow back in, they grew straight up. Her mother was upset, but we all thought it was cool.

I took Lael to the hair stylist. Now she has a mullet.

You immediately realize that Lael had used the little pair of scissors that Seth uses for projects,certainly this is good and also cute projects like your child who crying.

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