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June 21, 2005


That is so sad. Sorry, Anne. Both of our cats snuck out of the house when we first brought Baby Gooch back from the hospital. Several days later, after writing both off, we heard loud meowing at the front door indicating one had returned. The other we never heard from again. Like you, we'd like to think some nice family picked him up and took him in as opposed to the alternative regarding coyotes.

Aw, so sorry to hear of Nellie's disappearance Anne.. don't give up though. My neighbour's Burmese went missing for a couple of months, we think he went out one day through the fields of wheat at the back of their house and during the day it was harvested, making the landscape different.

The local gamekeeper found him, he'd damaged the tip of his tail and got a few nicks and cuts on his ears and head. Turns out he was skulking around the pheasant enclosure(you can guess why..)

However, the nearest we get to coyotes here is a fox or two.

I hope she turns up for you..

So sorry about Nellie.

sorry to hear about Nellie. It's tough losing a pet that's been with you so long.

Oh, poor kitty and poor you too. It's hard to loose a loved pet and it must be so much worse not knowing what's happened to them. My four are all outdoorsy (we don't have the same kind of hazards over here) but I still worry about one of them disappearing one day.


Hi Anne
What can I say?
*Hugs through cyberspace*

I remember Nellie Bly from NY days. Quite the fireball and a fab companion - bursting with personality. Don't give up hope - an ex of mine had a cat called Sterling who went missing for three years. The night before we were due to move to a new house, we were having a last glass of wine in the empty old house when there was a scratch on the kitchen door. I'd never met Sterling, who'd left before my time, but I knew it was him - and so it proved. Wearing a new collar with a different name, fit, fat and healthy, he strolled in to the kitchen and made himself right at home - and it was him all right. Came to say cheerio! I believe Nellie's gone walkabout, as my Aussie friends say. Cats do. Don't despair. She'll turn up. Much love from R

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