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I am the editor of a start-up called TradersQuest, which is an online school for futures and options traders. I also work in Communications for ThePhotonGroup and re-launched their website in December.


Someone recently said to me, “I still think like I’m a kid.” I found that poignant, because so do I – and I’m four years older. And yet, since beginning this blog, I have changed greatly.

I am much healthier mentally and physically – I removed a great deal of stress from my life by switching careers and cities in 2006. I like to think my writing skills are constantly improving.

I am now able to be myself more freely than I was an employee, which I’m beginning to understand was not healthy for me. I’m able to relax and focus better even though I’m busier than ever, and that I’ve put our family in a financially perilous situation.

I also continue to evolve as a dad, becoming more confident and sure of my role. My only regret is that in this money-based society, I have to spend so much time working away from home.

This blog also continues to evolve. As my time to do research into issues relevant to parents diminishes, I spend more time just writing about family. I hope to one day devote more time to the issue that I care about as much as my family: the well being of mankind.


parenting, reading, writing, photography, winemaking, technology, biking, kayaking, running and hiking.