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October 30, 2004


Hi Anne,
I am an author and illustrator, and am promoting my ODD LITTLE EGG picture books. I am hoping you could post a mention of them here on your site, if you liked them. You can preview them at

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Hello Anne

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I love to buy children's books for my kids. It seems to bring out the kid in me too, especiallly with the colourful pages and witty rhymes. I started purchasing so many that I have decided to sell some also and with it came about, my official website and my webstore is @ Please have a visit and you just might find something for your little ones too...

Love your site!! Just wondering if you've considered becoming an Usborne Books consultant so you can put a link on your site. I think you'd do really well with it. Let me know if you're interested. Since you're a book guru, I'm sure you're familiar with Usborne Books!

Hi Anne,
I am promoting my soon to be released picture book An A to Z Walk In the Park. If you like the preview at please feel free to mention it on your site. Also please let me know if I can send you a copy.

Thanks for your consideration

Is there a way I can send you a 2008 children's novella an picture book for review? Thanks.

Hi. I'm new to the blog beast and am hoping to introduce my children's series to the broader world. The Adventures of the Poodle Posse, published in Nov. '07, after 20 years as a feature mag writer. I invite you to take a look and I'd love some feedback.

Once Upon I Star a personalized children book and gift company. Our goal is to encourage reading at an early age through making books and reading fun and exciting. The books are unique and treasured keepsakes in that the child is the STAR of their own book. Imagine the surprise when a child opens a book and discover that they are the STAR of the book with their name throughout the story and hand drawn illustrations of them on EACH and EVERY PAGE!!!

Featured Book: Dream Journal--a story about a child tapping into their imagination and exploring some of the unlimited possibilities of things that they can be. In addition to the hand drawn illustrations of the child, the story is personalized with the child’s name throughout the book along with other personalized details, i.e. special dates, hometown, etc.

For more information, ordering and samples, please contact [email protected]

Hi Anne.
I like your site and wonderful book reviews.

I have a four year old son who is crazy about books, and I just started a blog about the books he loves.
Thanks for all the great info.


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