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December 01, 2004


I disagree completely with your review. I don't think you understood the true meaning of the story. When the monster dies at the end and the land surrounding his cave blossoms it's a celebration of a life that was pure and beautiful (even if his appearance wasn't beautiful). It also recognizes the steadfast "friendship" of his stone rabbit companion. I read it to my 4 year old and we both found it very touching and enjoyable.

I like your interpretation better and wish I felt the same way. But, when I finished reading this book I felt only sad and empty. I look to children's books to inspire, uplift, educate or just plain entertain my children - and me. This book did none of these for me. But I am truly glad that you and your child enjoyed it.

This story raises questions that need addressing. If your not addressing these issues in your childs life then you should be asking yourself why not? Is this for the ‘good’ of your child or your unwillingness to deal with certain issues.
Issues regarding friendship, appearances, death , as raised in this book, can only be a positive thing. If we give only one side of a story then its quite simply one-dimensional, false and detrimental, ultimately giving the child rather an unbiased view of life as it really is.
Stone rabbits dont come to life, people are far to quick to judge, things die!. This is life not a Disney cartoon. Children a need balanced point of view not sterile watered down realities.
This book helps both parent and child perhaps realise and recognise certain realities within themselves and within one another, straddling the border between awkward (for the parent)and enlightening(for the child).
If you want your child to become someone who changes things for the better then read them this book, otherwise simply carry on spoon-feeding them nothing but ‘nice’ sterile stories.

Hi Alan:

Thanks for your lively remarks. Dawn has moved on to blog elsewhere, but I will forward your comments to her. I haven't read the book so I'm unable to respond.

Thanks for stopping by.

I adored this book ,and cry every time I read it, or even think about it.It is undoubedly the heaviest book I've ever read to my son, and he immediately felt my deep compassion for this kind hearted creature. At an adult explanation, the monster's soul was so sweet and pure nothing around him could survive, his love was too much for the ordinary surroundings. The delight he took in the rabbit demonstrated this point. I will be reading this to my baby as well, a book that moves you so completely is a rarity, and 99% of the books I read do have too much of a Disney "everything is just great" ending.

my 2 year old loves this book, she asked us for it when we got it from the library every night

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