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March 03, 2006


I'm guessing the correct answer is #2? Too bad, because if my kids are going to have sweets, I'd rather they have them for breakfast so they can burn them off.

Actually, I see nothing wrong with #3 as well. Pizza is a perfectly acceptable breakfast food, for example.

Exactly! I was thinking that too. And if the cereal is loaded with sugar, how is that a good breakfast?

They just don't make Muppets like they used to.

To make matters worse: Elmo goes on and on how you should eat breakfast FIRST thing in the morning. But in the book, the muppets eat breakfast AFTER the game show. Doh!

The ONE and ONLY great Sesame Street book was "The monster at the end of this book." Grover begs the reader to NOT turn the page. Reading that book, in my "Grover" voice, was never a chore.

Yep, we have that one and it IS great. All the others suffer from quick-buck-itis, aka an inflammation of the prose. It's usually fatal.

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