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April 29, 2006


Jim Weiss -- I'd never even heard of him until last night, when some friends hosting us for dinner spoke with near-reverence of his CDs' ability to transfix children during roadtrips lasting thousands of miles, not to mention naptimes. Sounds like my kind of guy.

OK...I'm jealous!

I'd love to have my daughter meet Lauren Child!

why would one put one's reviews on Amazon? I guess I'm a dummy, too... Are these authors' requests? For readers to post on Amazon? Do spill the beans.

Yes, Anne, I'd like to know the answer also. Should we be posting our reviews to Amazon?

It looks like the answer is "yes" to the Amazon question. Posting there is an extra step, which isn't easy if I'm trying to write while the baby naps.

I was kinda pissed, though, that Amazon should carry such clout and they didn't so much as buy an ad or sponsor a single event at the nation's largest bookfest!

The biggest sponsor ... Target. They had an entertainment stage and two signing booths (where Lauren Child appeared). Oddly enough, their kiddie books selection usually stinks.

I will never, ever understand book marketing. I briefly did it for a living and I still don't get it.

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