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May 01, 2006


What a beautiful picture, Anne!

Kelly, I presume you're talking about Lael, not me. ;--)

Both Brett and baby are cute as can be. :-)

I was gonna answer this over on Fuse 8's blog, but I thought I'd dive in here. I think Amazon isn't just important because of raw sales, but it's a place you can send people with a single link -- directly to YOUR BOOK -- and, with luck, they'll see great reviews and push them over the edge into buying. That combo of serious reviews plus the ease of one click buying... I think that's what makes Amazon important to the book folks.

I betcha we passed in a tent on Saturday, as I was there with my clan. Maybe you saw me. I was the guy there with a wife and kids! Sound familiar?

Wait, I think I saw you, uh, just about everywhere! I was the geeky woman with the glasses. Geez, that doesn't describe just any ol' bookworm, does it?

Excellent points about Amazon. I'm not totally clueless, just a little lazy about this stuff. I see my blog as a work in progress, so this discussion's been enlightening.

And a belated Mazel Tov on all the Fib stuff. So fab!

I definitely understand Amazon's importance to the publisher and author. But what is the importance of Amazon to a blogger? That's what I'm trying to figure out.

I've posted a few reviews there, but, you know that Amazon can do anything it wants with those reviews once you post them. One is writing for Amazon for no compensation. Hmm.

I know I'm missing something. What is it?

I must confess I did post a few reviews on Amazon when this blog first started, then abandoned the idea.

It just seemed like too much effort for too little benefit. But if book publishers think it gives a blog more gravitas to cross-post their reviews there, then so be it.

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