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June 09, 2006


Great, Anne! This poem always makes me laugh my * off.

I do not find it funny, it is sad but true, I guess the last line is the hard one for me. I did put off having children because of the poor parenting skills of my mother. I have since found that I am a good mother inspite of my own. Thanks for sharing Anne, I had not seen this before and thought wow!

Deb: It actually took me a second to get that. Brain's not in gear today. Doh.

Tally: Wow, I guess I didn't expect anyone to have that reaction. Yes, I think Larkin was making a serious point under the humor or it wouldn't be so memorable.

As someone who also put off having kids until my late '30s, I totally sympathize with your feelings of reluctance. I do think we older Moms have an advantage over our mothers with greater self-awareness and wisdom.

Thanks for stopping by.

I've been thinking about this poem a lot lately as I angst about how I'm probably f*cking up my own kid despite my best efforts. So this is very timely; thanks, Anne!

Elswhere: It's in our DNA to think that. I try (usually in vain) to believe I'm not. Heavy sigh.

Phillip Larkin has done it again!

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