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October 17, 2006


I was going to suggest the Purple Crayon Award because Harold uses the purple crayon to create his own beauty and excitment, but I'm too late.

I think you were right to choose the Cybils because it clearly explains what the award is. Great job!


Can we have a tag-line that claims "our awards have more personality than those other awards"...?

No wait, that would be the Sybils. Never mind.

Good job!

I think the idea of Children’s Book Awards, Blog Edition, is a fine one indeed. And I like the name Cybils—it falls off the tongue so easily.

I think, when everything is well underway, we should have a challenge to invent THE CYBIL—a cocktail to commemorate the establishment of these awards.

We might consider just a few requirements for the cocktail:

It can’t be too fruity.
It can’t be too sweet.
The drink shouldn’t knock you
Off of your feet.

One should be able
To down more than two
Without having eyesight
Like Mr. Magoo.

I'm of two minds about that whole Sybil thing. Ha! Okay, it's 6 a.m. and I shouldn't be attempting jokes. Bleah.

And Elaine, what did this blog do before you showed up to grace us with your hilarious poems?


I am now officially listed as a contributor to the Blue Rose Girls blog. My designation is COMOCL. That stands for Cool Old Matron of Children's Literature. I picked my own title. Don't you like the way it sounds?

I will be posting on Poetry Friday. That is, I'll be posting if my estrogen-deprived brain doesn't forget how to post!
Though I'm nearly sixty--I'm a neophyte in the world of blogging.
So...I'm hoping I get it right the first time.

I'm a ready to rhyme
Any ole time!

Elaine: Do you have an URL (Web address) for the Blue Rose Girls? I'll put a link to it.

Thanks again.


I, the elder hen, thank you on behalf of the hot young chicks of BRG for adding a link to our blog.


Wow! It's been jumping over here! I'm racking my brain for CYBIL nominations but am embarrassed to realize I haven't read much 2006 kidlit at all--everything I can think of is older. I don't suppose you'd consider a Dusty Old(er than one year) Books category for this first year of the awards?

Alas, Elswhere, we're only taking current stuff. You'll have to bone up on your 2006 books.

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