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October 10, 2006


Get me outta here! I wanna go home!

(I'm afraid of space. Truly.)

Where's the library?

This one's for Pluto.

"Hello Houston, we're gonna need more money--Starbucks is already here and you wouldn't believe what they're charging."

Land for Sale -- Cheap. Will subdivide.

The sky is pink.
The rocks are red.
There ain’t no birdies

It’s bare. It’s bleak.
Don’t see no plants…
Or other green

It’s desolate.
The air is scant.
Except for me—
No life’s extant.

It’s dusty, dry.
I need a beer.
Get me outta here!

Hi, Marvin!

It's hot and dusty, with the strong possibility of frightening critters springing out at me. Hell, you could have just sent the ship to my attic for a lot less money!

Houston, I regret to inform you that Mars is not, I repeat, NOT made of nougat topped with caramel and milk chocolate.


Houston, who won the superbowl?

DANG it's hot! Someone turn on the AC!

"That's one small step for man...one giant leap for that thing with the four eyes and spikes for teeth that is about to...ahhhhhh!"

From Earth to Mars, from dirt to rust, through space and time, mankind has thrust.

From ashes to ashes, from dust to dust, in God's hands, we place our trust.

Look at all that red!

Where are all the men?

Well, that's a let-down.

You mean there's no cell reception here either?!

As the author of TEAM MOON, I'd like to say thanks a million for your enthusiasm for the book. Love your contest. If you'd like to make those freebies "signed copies" shoot me an e-mail and we can make arrangements.


I know I already submitted an entry...but in honor of Poetry Friday I decided I had to write another poem for the contest.


Whose planet’s this? I know I know.
His home’s on Mount Olympus so
He will not see me stopping here
To go exploring to and fro.

The polar ice cap’s very near.
I spy three skaters. Drat! I fear
Some other life forms came before.
I’m NOT the first Mars pioneer.

I see a Super Star Trek Store…
And garish neon signs galore!
There’s garbage everywhere I tread.
Don’t want to be here anymore.

This trip’s a bust to “Planet Red.”
Yo, Earth, give me the go-ahead
To visit Jupiter instead,
To visit Jupiter instead.

I know that every cell in my body was zapped at least once with cosmic rays during my long journey to Mars, rearranging my DNA in curious ways as it did.

So what I want to know is--
Am I really *here*?
No, no,I mean
Am *I* really here?
I mean...
Where's Hamlet when you need him?


Wow. Amazing!

"Wow Frank! Nice work on the set! Looks just like the real thi...

..oh sh!t, are we on?"

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