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October 05, 2006


How interesting, but it fits my experiences to T.

I'd recommend the YA novel "Confessions of a Closet Catholic" by Sarah Littman (2005). Its protagonist Justine has decided that she'd rather be Catholic because her best friend's warm, messy home contrasts to her mother's very clean, proper home. She worries about disappointing her grandmother, but still goes into her closet each night to confess to Father Teddy Bear and practice her rosary. It's a nice read, prompts young teens to ask questions, and is a good discussion starter about what it means to be Jewish.

Thanks, Ilene. There's also "Saying Kaddish in Jesus' Name" about religious identity crisis. It's a picture book about a Jewish girl whose Christian grandfather dies, and she struggles to find an appropriate way to mourn for him.

Hi Ann,

I am an author and book reviewer, and relatively new to blogging. I have been looking for discussions about great Jewish literature for kids! Thanks so much for these posts. I will be checking back to see what's new!


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