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February 12, 2007


Anne, I hope you are successful if you go ahead with the adoption. My oldest son in Korean and when they put him in our arms more than 20 years ago, we fell in love. Best wishes if you go the foreign adoption route! Boy, I am getting teary just typing this...and those books? For me real "splash parties," as my grandmother used to call cry fests.

Splash parties, I love it. Thanks, Barbara. We're still a few years from being in a position to adopt, so I'm just savoring the idea for now.

I've met so many people like you who've gone through foreign adoptions and heard so many great stories--all with happy endings. Many thanks for sharing your story with me. It means a lot.

Adoption stories always get me too, though I know it will not (on purpose) happen to us. We have reached our limit with 2.

But, I haven't met an adoption story that doesn't make me cry and think "what if?"

My daughter's best friend was adopted from China 11 years ago. She struggled with abandonment issues for 4-5 years (she was 1 when adopted, but apparently did not have an easy first year). She has grown into the lovliest young girl. Intelligent, kind, pretty. An amazing true love for animals.

Her parents (I'll not go into the reasons why here) would never be approved under the new laws.

How sweet. Have you read I Love You Like Crazycakes?

Nope, I haven't. Will look it up on Amazon, thanks.

I am the adoptive Mom to a daughter from China.
My new children's book, "Letter Of Love From China" is from the voice of birth mom.
Please visit our site at http://www.plumblossombooks.com
It is a book ment for the Chinese adopted child and a learning tool for the non adopted child.
Bonnie Cuzzolino

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