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March 26, 2007


Anne, I enjoy reading folk tales from any number of cultures. For instance, I am not African American, but I grew up in a place that was profoundly influenced by African culture. I like knowing where traditions come from, so reading and knowing about West African tales is something I look forward to sharing more of with my son.

I hope folk-tale books are on the rise. They're often beautifully produced. I see so many pristine copies going begging for readers at the libraries, though.

If you want to start a controversy, ask who has the right to tell Native American stories. I subscribe to (but usually lurk on) the Child_Lit listserv, and that question seems to embroil the largely academic list every so often. Understandably, I might add.

Wow, I don't know if I want to start a controversy, but that is a fascinating question to pose.

As I mentioned, I'm a multi-culti enthusiast, and our shelves have books from storytelling traditions around the world.

Do many other families feel this way? It's hard for me to tell, living as I do in my stay-at-home bubble.

It's all about story. I think great ones sell no matter what. I hope folktales, especially multicultural folktales, are on the rise. I enjoy the richness of different cultures and their important messages.

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