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April 13, 2007


Woo-hoo. Doing the Anne-Boles-Levy dance (but in French cuz I live in Montreal!) Congrats!


Aw, shucks.

Does the French version involve smoky cafes and wearing a beret? Monica Lewinsky kinda ruined berets for me.

Hi, Anne!
I read your review today in the LA Times and really enjoyed it. Trashings are always the most fun to read.

Welcome to the dark side. Negative reviewing is fun!

Congratulations! I think if you have to trash a book then you have to trash a book. I thought that you still did it in classy fashion.

Hey all:

Thanks again. I occasionally do negative reviews of picture books here on my humble blog, but this was the first paid review where I reacted so strongly against it.

Way to go, Anne! Saving the world, one review at a time :)

Yes, I echo the classy comment. Well done.

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