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June 04, 2007


Uggg. How am I supposed to beat those two?


Thanks for the links to my interviews with Douglas Florian. I am also a fan of Ogden Nash's light verse and narrative poems. I used to read my students the picture book edition of THE ADVENTURES OF ISABEL illustrated by James Marshall--and THE TALE OF CUSTARD THE DRAGON illustrated by Lynn Munsinger.

The Big Dipper - Anyone at a cocktail party both holding a stick of cucumber and wiping humus from their sleeve.

Moon Beams -- The look on my kids' faces when they're running around nekkid.

Melvyn: Sounds like me, actually.

Brett: Um, honey, you're disqualified. You're married to the contest hostess. It is cute, though.

I wanted to let you know that I tagged you for a meme. :)

Sorry, I spaced out.

Hi, thanks for the contest! I'm in with:

Red Giant: a huge statue of Lenin, or the man himself.

How about:

Supernova: What you get when you cross an old car with an after-market catalog.

Cassiopeia: Something frequently yelled by older siblings while you are potty-training your daughter (named Cassie).

Trojans asteroids: Asteroids that all pile into a big, hollow moon-like object, then wait for astronauts to land on it so they can sneak-attack them during the night. (Actual definition can be found here.

This sounds like fun and just what a little boy would enjoy. Count me in!

Ok, here's another one:


1. The bright surface of the sun
2. The ring of paparazzi surrounding a celebrity

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