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June 15, 2007


Awww....he's SO cute Anne. I always cry at those preschool events :) Heck, I cry at Middle School Band concerts!

Okay, I'll bite. He is absolutely adorable! It was this time last year that I was sitting through the end of preschool. Today, I put my boy on the bus for the last day of kindergarten. And yes, my eyes were wet. It's going by too quickly.

As for the contest, I can only plead forgiveness, being in China and all, and coming back with a brain that just wouldn't function. I'll be in next time, so don't give up on us!


I think my mistake was timing this for the start of summer vacation. I'll have to think up something for the autumn, when people are paying more attention. Sigh.

Hi Anne,

It is rather sad that more people didn't play. I was rather proud of my entries and would have liked to see how they held up in fierce competition...

But THANK YOU very much for the book! I will email you right now with my address.


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