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October 05, 2007


Your talk sounds great! I wish I could be there!

Dude, I wish I could hear what you have to say! Will you send me the 7 page handout? Dang. I've been thinking along similar lines lately, too. Do you know the book "Faint Praise: The Plight of Book Reviewing in America," by Gail Pool? (University of Missouri Press, 2007) The author says that one of the problems with book reviews today is that there is too much praise and that certain often-used expressions don't really mean anything. The latter reminded me that I need to boot certain pet phrases from my work--I've overused them. I'm slowly working my way through "Faint Praise," but do recommend it.

Bust a move.

You're going to do great, Anne. I wish I could be there. And I'm with Susan - is there any way you can post something about your talk afterwards? Because it sounds like information I'd really like to have.

I would also love to see notes or handouts from your talk, if you don't mind.

Anne- I was in the audience and I thought your presentation was fabulous. Thanks for all the hard work and the wonderful handouts.

Hey all:

I do have to say that I totally wasn't expecting so many comments on this post. I figured it would quietly slip into the electronic ether.

I had a fantastic time, the talk went over much better than expected (avoiding coffee helped) and I even have extra handouts.

I will have to mark up the handouts with a few notes for those who want it mailed to them, but will be happy to do so.

Email me at anne (at) bookbuds (dot) net with your snailmail address and I'll have one en route to you by week's end.

I'll also post on it for Monday or Tuesday with photos stolen off others' blogs. Heh.

Anne, I didn't see this post beforehand, but I would never in a million years have thought that this was your first conference presentation. You were GREAT! I think you walked the line perfectly, in terms of trying to bring us to a higher level, without offending people. I know that I want to make my reviews at bit more professional now. Thanks! And it was such a treat to finally meet you, and talk with you.

Thanks, Jen. I'm going to post a full rundown on the talk on Tuesday.

Hey everyone, click through to Jen's blog for a great summary of the event.

Anne, your talk sounds so interesting to me! And I totally identify with being anxious before a speech--but it sounds like you were great, and very well prepared.

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