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October 08, 2007


Hey, that's one of the books I rescued from the donation pile!

Is it really? I'm so embarrassed. It's one of Seth's favorites. BAD MOMMY.

Don't beat yourself up. One billion books pass through our doors each year. How can you possibly keep up?

I love that book!! Hilarious.

That book was my kid's pick for our state's kids' choice picture book award last year! Out of 20 choices, several of them pretty darn good.

Wow, thanks for the kind words about my book!

I must say that the idea of pirate bunnies and space aliens is pretty darn tempting. I'll get on that asap.

Thanks again!


Hey Carolyn:

I see you have two other fans among my commenters. Yay, Henry!

I just sent in my check for Prairie Writers' Day, so I hope to see you there.

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