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October 29, 2007


Just for the record: My wife really works hard on this site.

Hey, Anne! Happy blog anniversary.

A Book Buds fan,

Okay, I just misspelled my own name in that comment. More coffee, more coffee!

Thanks, Suan! A chicken spaghetti by any other name ...

Okay, off to make tea and hustle Seth out the door.

Happy Blogiversary, Anne! And thanks for your wise counsel. I'm still figuring it out for myself, but it is nice to not be alone... I say stick to your guns in providing the quality over the quantity - you seem to have plenty of fans as it is.

Happy Anniversary, Anne! Your advice is always welcome :)

Here's to many more years!

Happy Blogiversary, Anne, and thanks for being such a good influence on us all!

Well done and well said. Happy Blogiversary to you.

Happy Blogiversary! A well-said post with much to remember, the heart of it of course is why we do it. Thanks for giving me juicy bits to mull over.

Seriously now, are you sure it's not all about Sitemeter???

Happy Blogoversary, indeed. And as they say "...and many more!"

Happy Blogaversary! And may you have a blogarific time celebrating!!!

The Three Silly Chicks!

You are a great role model in the kidlitosphere. Congratulations on three years of blogging!

Mary Lee
A Year of Reading

Many thanks, all you crazy kids. See you around the blogosphere.

"small mitzvahs done with a glad heart" I really like this teaching! Happy Anniversary and thanks for the wise words.

Happy belated blogiversary!

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