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October 08, 2007


Here's a motto suggestion: Changing the kidlit world one blog post at a time.

OK, that's too long.

Hope I didn't cause TOO much hard work at lunch, virtual girlfriend (I love that). I think it's more that I was energized by the prospect of what we could do than disappointed by the fact that we couldn't do it in a one hour presentation (and all of you, especially Pam, contributed to the energized part). I was kind of cringing later, feeling like I was talking too much at that lunch, being pushy, etc. So, sorry if that was the case. Sometimes "passionate" can be too much. But it really was a joy just being able to talk with you all. And I think that we'll do great things. Once we get over this niche-naming hurdle.

Oh gosh, Jen, I thought lunch was the highlight of the day! I meant hard work in terms of what we accomplished.

I thought we really walked away from that lunch with a new direction for our cozy corner of the blogosphere, and that made me feel very good.

And I thought we all blabbed a huge amount. No introverts at that table Saturday!

Thanks, Anne. It was a highlight of the day for me, too. It just shows that if you put a bunch of introverts together with like-minded people and a shared cause, then the introversion vanishes.

Thanks for blogging all about the day! I love hearing more about it. Everyone has a slightly different tidbit, and it helps me feel almost as if I was there. (wishfully said.) I love how passionate we all are about children's and teen books!

Thanks, Cheryl! I'm also having fun making the rounds today, but now I'm way behind on other stuff. And sick! I caught a cold. Bleh.

I'm so grateful for the candid and newsy report! I still wish I'd been able to go and meet everyone in person, but it's really helpful to hear about what went on.

It was great to meet you, Anne! I really enjoyed your presentation on book reviewing. The whole thing was just so much fun. Look forward to seeing you again in the future!

Thanks for the recap!!

Hi Anne:
I, too, enjoyed your presentation. It really made me think about why I do this, and who my audience may be.

Wow. I wish I had been there. I love Chicago and I would love to be in the same room with you all - even if it was just as a fly on the wall...

Hope to see you all in L.A. next June. Perhaps a Kidlit conference could be scheduled then...

Hey all:

Thanks for stopping by, it's much appreciated. There will be another looooong installment tomorrow on book reviewing. Bring a pillow in case you nod off.

Sondra -- next year's is in Portland. Sure hope you can hop a plane up from San Diego. I'd love to meet you.

One of the presenters gave major props to Kane/Miller for supporting us bloggers from early on. You got applause too!

So glad to be part of your virtual girlfriend group and to meet you in actual real life person! The day(s) of talking, brainstorming, sharing were simply fabulous. I don't think that I can wait another year.

The great thing about all the presentations was the questions they raised. I feel like the conference was the beginning of a conversation and discussion that will continue in the months to come.

Your presentation on the nuts and bolts of reviewing was OUTSTANDING and extremely thought provoking. Thank you so much. It was just grand to meet you!

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