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November 07, 2007


If you haven't guessed, this book really pushed my wife's buttons. I too, thought the story was quite the double belly flop.

Strong words. Since I don't ever expect to read this book (especially after reading your post), I'm happy to have your opinion as a guideline.

I wonder if Jason Alexander was pushed into his gig by Stephen Spielberg too? Jerry Seinfeld is saying Spielberg told him to make Bee Movie. The man has a-m-a-z-i-n-g powers apparently.

Writing a children's book has become de rigueur for the resume of anybody who wants to be somebody these days it seems. Freaky.

Brett: Stop! You're pun-ishing me.

Jen: I really hate slamming a book. It's counter-intuitive for me.

Camille: I really have no idea why celebrities need validation this way. It's just freaking sad.

As the mother of a daughter who has two belly buttons (one which reminds her of her attachment to me and the other, her MICkey button, which allows me to feed her with a g-tube when necessary), I RAN to this book when I saw it in the bookstore.

"At last," I thought, "a book for g-tube fed kids. A book about what it is like to realize you have two buttons on your tummy and that that makes you really special."

Imagine my dismay as I read this book. It is kind of boring, kind of stale, and kind of annoying. When I got to the Spielberg look-alike I groaned out loud. (Yeah, the kids in the book section looked at me sideways.)

The silver-lining? I can still write a book about a kid who REALLY has two buttons on her tummy and how that makes her special.

Thanks, Anne, for reviewing this. I know you don't like to slam books, but sometimes it is important that you do it.

Oh, Ilene, that's such a sad story! You were doubly disappointed. Yes, I think you do need to write that story, more than ever. Set the record straight!

Anne, I hope this is just the first of many smakin' good celebrity smack downs!

Anne, I hope this is just the first of many smackin' good celebrity smack downs!

I haven't made up my mind, Barbara. It takes a lot out of me to pan a book. But I do have two more celebrity books on the shelf and more arrive all the time ... so I'll see.


Some books deserve to be panned--over and over again! This was too funny!

Well, I don't think the book quite deserves being slammed quite so slammingly...I just reviewed it myself, and, while it didn't do much for me, it was a "fine" book for 7 year old to read to 4 year old. By "fine", I mean that it got finished, and they were moderatly entertained, and none of us ran screaming from the room. And the pictures were fine too--no-one reacted badly. I've read far worse books...

Ah, that's the great thing about this country, Charlotte. We can agree to disagree. Glad no one had an allergic reaction over your way; sorry to say that wasn't the case around here.

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