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November 12, 2007


Sounds interesting. I'm not Jewish, but know the difference between the Torah and the Talmud, so wouldn't you think a smart editor should have caught this?

I would've thought so. The line read something like the Jews had to study the Talmud secretly in caves ... but of course the Talmud was written many centuries later.

With Wikipedia around, I don't think anybody has an excuse anymore.

Except when Wikipedia is wildly wrong, which it often is.

I thought it was clever and funny, and my kids both adored it.

Actually, he's not really wrong. The Jews who "study Torah" are often arguing Talmud more than Torah.
Anyway... LOVE this book, bought it already though my daughter is only one - love the tree referencing pagan rituals, love the "basically hash browns" conversation, love the ending, in which Snicket points out that its hard being told what you are by people who don't understand you.

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