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December 30, 2007


hi and happy new year!
i added your contest to my blog tonight....i would really like to win,everyone loves narnia!
Now i just have to remember to get over here day after tomorrow!lol


Oooh, how fun and exciting! What a great contest. I'm obviously not eligible, but I'll post this and spread the word! I can't wait until the lists are announced on Tuesday!

Thanks, both of you--but note the change. I thought, "Gee, the first person to post all three correct answers will give it away to the others!"

So now you have to email me at anne (at) bookbuds (dot) net.

I guess I'm not used to doing contests. But if people enjoy this, I'll do more ...

Drat and double drat. I could do the first two in a snap, and the third with only a bit of effort.

I hope you get lots of entries - that's a really sweet prize!

blogged ya here:



Thought Anne might be interested in what my twin's friend Amy is doing to start a new Chicago book festival.

Thanks, Laura! The extra publicity has definitely helped.

And Henny Penny--Wow, your twin's friend has really started something. Chicago deserved a much better book fest than the one it has.

Thanks, both of you.

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