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December 13, 2007


There is a foreign beer ad I once saw where a young man is headed off for ballet class as his friends react in shock. They follow the young man to his classes to discover this:

The male dancer gets to hold one beautiful woman after another in, um, provocative poses. And of course, male ballet dancers are incredibly fit.

It's too bad American society sees dancing as something to make fun of. Even to this day, I have a touch of shyness about dancing in public simply because male peer pressure is so strong against it.

I noticed. Sigh.

See, Brett. You needed this book when you were younger. Think of how happy Anne would be :)

Yeah, I can think of someone who might have benefited from having had that book as a child, too. Hmmm... I agree that it's must-reading, but I'm a little afraid to buy it for my friends' kids, for boys anyway, because I don't want them to be insulted. Which, I guess, is precisely the point.

Great review, Kelly!
Jen, get the book. It's adorable.

This looks great. Off to request it from the pubalic liberry. Thanks.

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