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December 10, 2007


How do you feel this one compares to some of the other recent manners entries - "Do Unto Otters" and "Mind Your Manners, BB Wolf"? Favorably? Not so favorably?

I haven't read those (alas, I'm not a librarian and only have access to whatever's sent to me). My favorites so far have been "Mini Manners," which are boxes with little books on saying sorry or hello & goodbye.

Here's my review from a couple years back:


Both sets have worked wonders with both kids as early as 2 y.o. Partly it's their humor--showing kids the wrong way to use those words, which is funny, before showing the right way.

The goofy writing drives me batty, but they work, bottom line.

Thanks for pointing me to "Mini Manners". These look great for the youngsters!

'At's what I'm here for. Glad I could help.

Funny the timing, though. My daughter's just discovered them and I'm rediscovering just why I love/hate those little books.

I am not at all polite when people have more than 15 items...perhaps I need this book!


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