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January 09, 2008


For the record, Anne isn't kidding when she says she's scarred over that orange room thing.

As for our toddler in that phase where she has to decide everything for herself: it continues for another 60 years or so.

Hoo boy, I had no idea Pinkalicious was made into a Broadway play.

Sorry you were traumatized by orange. I take it you might be a little scared of Otto's Orange Day, one of those Toon Books?

Anne's not scared of all orange -- we painted our old living room that color -- just the shade that was foisted into her life.

Anne, Pinkalicious's run was Off Off Broadway. A friend and I were thinking about going to see it, but I eventually decided against a schlep into the city with a possibly Pink-Averse audience member (Jr.).

Susan: I stand corrected! Yeah, I can see where the subject might not thrill a lot of boys. I'm hoping to someday take mine to see "Frog and Toad." We have the soundtrack and he loves it--so it's a safer bet.

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