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April 28, 2008


Ouch! Zinger! That hurts. And it's unfortunately too true. Now, I know I teach higher level thinking, don't I? I KNOW I stimulate my kids' minds beyond find the answer and bubble in the little circle neatly and completely...don't I?
Yeah, I get to do that...from August until the day we get out for Christmas Vacation (oops, I mean, Winter Break), of course...then from around January 4 until the second week in May, it's TAKS TAKS TAKS all the Time Time Time (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills SUCKS) Oops, that would be TAKSS, wouldn't it?
Teachers owe it to students and themselves to not cave to the kind of thinking in this video. Continue to rebel against it while still managing to "cover" those "strategies" needed to "pass" and, yeah, well, maybe that song's truer than I want to admit...

Beth Fehlbaum, author * and teacher*
Courage in Patience, a story of hope for those who have endured abuse
Chapter One is online!

Sing it, sister.

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